Waist Trainer

Waist Trainer

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Classic Waist Trainer

Simple black waist trainer, these have been used for decades in and outside of bodybuilding. Made of comfortable, adjustable, & stretchy fabric, these Neoprene waist trimmers fit tight to your body, and will not pitch or irritate your skin. Double-adjustment Velcro for sizing accuracy and tightness. Fabric is breathable and can be worn all day.

Of course the main route to a smaller waist is dieting down, widening your back, and keeping your obliques from growing too large, but a waist trainer does have its place. Every inch counts, and wearing one of these have a variety of positive benefits that can help keep your waist a bit smaller.


  • Increases Mental Awareness of your Waist and Abdomen Muscles,
    Helping you Remember to Keep a Vacuum all day (My Personal Favorite Benefit.).
  • Helps to Correct Posture and Eliminate Lower Back Pain, Protects and Prevents Injury
  • Reduces and Shapes Your Waistline, Flattens Abdomen
  • Increases Sweating around the Waistline
  • Prevent Engagement of Obliques during Training